Published September 26, 2023
Author: Ash Khan
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How can you become successful hosting resellers ? The simple answer is that you’d need to select the correct hosting provider, specialize in a specialty or sector, give excellent customer service, promote your services, and automate repetitive operations in order to increase your revenue.

But, with hundreds of hosting resellers currently on the market – some of which are easily confused with full-fledged providers – how can you run a profitable hosting reseller business? We’ll explain how in the next sections.

Key Highlights

  • Reselling hosting is an excellent approach for web designers, companies, freelancers, and internet marketers to supplement their revenue.
  • There are 5 simple steps to make your hosting reselling business successful.
  • When reselling hosting, your primary goal should be to acquire new clients and maintain existing ones while automating monotonous operations.
  • The bulk of your work when running a reseller hosting business is customer support.
  • It is preferable to resell a specialist hosting plan rather than to be a generalist.

Why is a Resellers Hosting Business Valuable?

One of the most essential parts of reseller hosting is how simple it is to integrate it into your existing business, especially if you work in website design, development, management, or marketing.

Are you a freelance web designer/marketer, an online entrepreneur, a blogger, a web development business, a software house, or a freelance web designer/marketer? Is Reseller hosting right for you?

Helps You Provide More Value

You work on or administer websites for your clients and customers. And, in order for a website to remain up and accessible over the internet, it must be housed on a physical server that contains all of the website’s data. Many of your consumers do not have the time to research the hosting plans they require and which packages would provide them with the most value for their money.

Meanwhile, as the person in charge of their website administration, you have a good sense of what they require, and they will trust your judgment. Resellers hosting enables you to give customized plans and resources to your clients; you essentially function as the intermediary, ensuring that your clients only pay for the resources they use.

You Control Your Profit

You may also charge your clients whatever you like and generate a great profit as your client base expands.

If you have a client base or an audience, for example, if you are a blogger in the marketing sector and the majority of your readers are company owners with websites, you can tailor and resell hosting plans to them, and they will trust your judgment since you have been providing them with value for a long time.

Resellers hosting is also the least expensive approach to begin offering hosting services to consumers. You may not yet have the funds to purchase your own servers and construct a data center. You don’t have to put much money into your firm if you work as a reseller.

Important Elements for Reseller Hosting Business’ Success

The notion of starting a hosting reseller business may sound appealing, and you may be eager to get started because it is a rapidly developing market; nevertheless, there are several elements to consider to assure your long-term success and the highest level of client satisfaction. Let us look at a few of them:

Your Reseller Hosting Provider

The hosting company whose services you’ll be reselling is at the center of everything. You must exercise extreme caution when selecting a reseller hosting provider since the plans, services, and tools they give are exactly what you will use to resell their packages to your own consumers.

Obviously, the finest reseller hosting companies on the market must provide reseller plans. Next, they should include key features on even the most basic plans at a low cost. They should also have a positive user reputation.

Customer Support and Assistance

Poor customer service is one important issue that the hosting reseller model promises to address. Because large hosting providers with millions of clients have fewer agents per customer, they sometimes have to wait in enormous lines or for a long time to obtain assistance.

If you want to become a hosting reseller, you must be ready to answer problems and provide answers to your clients, so be sure that the hosting company you pick offers assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your Marketing Strategy

A robust marketing strategy and execution plan, like with any business, is critical to your success as a hosting reseller. To spread the word about your packages, you may conduct social media advertisements and campaigns, email campaigns, sponsored ads on search engines like Google and Bing, and pay influencers to support your services.

If you already have a sizable following, you can simply develop landing pages, make offers, build marketing funnels, and advertise ads to it.

An efficient marketing strategy will raise awareness of your services while also demonstrating to your target clients how your services are better specialized to their needs than the generic plans on the market.

5 Steps To Build a Successful Reseller Hosting Business

And now, into the meat of things… What are the 5 exact steps you should take to build a successful reseller hosting business? Let’s dive in!

hosting resellers

1. Good Web Host

This fact should be inscribed on stone. As previously said, the first step on your path to becoming a successful hosting reseller is to select the correct host. There are thousands of hosting companies on the market, some of which are fantastic, many of which are reasonable, and many more who are simply not worth it.

For the most part, as hosting resellers, you have no control over the servers or the hardware. Because the hosting company you select controls the data centers that will power the services you provide, it is critical that you select a hosting provider that is widely renowned for providing outstanding services and performance.

  • When choosing a host, evaluate its price and plans, features given out of the box, real-time performance and uptime guarantee, customer service, convenience of use, server locations, and so on.
  • A host’s uptime, server response speed, cutting-edge content delivery solutions, security mechanisms in place, the quality of their servers and infrastructure, and the ease with which you may upgrade your plans are all significant considerations.
  • Your host is the foundation of the services you will resell. If they are unreliable, you will be unable to deliver reliable services, and your clients will begin to look for other choices, emphasizing the necessity of selecting a solid host.

2. Niche Down and Become an Expert

Another critical factor in ensuring your success as a hosting reseller is to provide specialist services, which means focusing on an industry or a certain consumer profile.

If you want to be a successful reseller, try focusing on a single service suite or delivering hosting to a certain customer profile. Providing specialist services also helps establish your authority in that market, and prospects are more likely to sign up since they believe you understand them the best.

  • There are dozens of hosting companies on the market today, and many of them provide generic services and plans, making it difficult to pick between them.
  • Most well-known hosting companies offer a pre-designed set of services that are frequently overly strict and may not always fully fulfill the demands of their clients. Focusing on a speciality as a reseller will help you stand out in the crowded hosting industry. Customize your solutions so that your clients are happy and continue to do business with you.

3. Provide Superior Customer Support

A successful business has satisfied consumers. Customer assistance is one of the most crucial aspects that every hosting service, and especially you as a reseller, must consider. Most hosting companies have highly strict customer care interfaces, largely automated, due to the enormous amount of clients they have and struggle to attend to.

As a hosting reseller, you should be aiming to fill this void! You should offer a variety of support channels, including phone, live chat, bots, email, tickets, video instructions, a blog, and a knowledgebase. You may also run a community or forum where your consumers can ask questions and get answers from experts.

4. Exceptional Marketing

We live in an economy of attention. You’d need to perform a lot of marketing to spread the word about your company, attract prospects, and expand it. And, nowadays, internet marketing entails more than just launching advertisements on a single channel.

You’d need to conduct extensive audience research to determine who your target consumers are and where they hang out online. You’d also need to identify their pain areas and how they want hosting providers to improve their performance.

Running Ads

After you’ve created your funnels, you can promote them on Google and Bing. The majority of individuals spend their internet time on social media. As a result, it is critical that you establish a social media presence.

Post useful and entertaining material to which your target consumers may connect. You may also run social media advertisements on networks like Facebook and Instagram. You may also pay influencers and prominent faces in your sector with significant social media followings to promote your company on their sites in order to raise awareness and generate visitors.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is also a useful strategy for building an audience and converting them over time. Create a blog and begin posting evergreen articles on basic hosting and internet marketing themes as part of your content marketing strategy.

With them, you may improve your Google reputation and SEO rankings… You’d spend less on paid advertisements once you started obtaining organic visitors and conversion.

5. Automate Your Hosting Business and Earn Profits

Many components of your business will be repetitive and so automatable. When your client base grows, having human personnel conduct these duties becomes incredibly inefficient, time-consuming, and expensive.

Fortunately, automation technologies like as WHMCS are meant to handle tedious work for you, allowing you to focus on other elements of your business such as increasing your client base.

To generate money and create excellent profits as a hosting reseller, you’d need to expand your business on a regular basis, and automation is a significant contributor to that for any firm today. You have access to tools like cPanel on the backend of your organization – your own hosting account – that ease administering your package.

hosting resellers


Finally, becoming a successful hosting resellers needs careful strategy and execution. Specializing in a specialty, offering excellent customer service, and choosing the correct hosting provider are all critical first steps. Scaling your firm requires efficient marketing of your services and the automation of repetitive chores. You may develop a lucrative hosting reseller business that matches the particular demands of your target audience and ensures long-term success by following these five steps.